Welcome to History!

The Fantasy Kingpins fantasy football league has made history once again as the most incredible league out there. Well maybe not so much history, but it is not to be forgotten. The league itself has seen a fair amount of turnover over the years, but through good and bad, it has continued to thrive and now boasts itself as one of the most intricate and intriguing leagues you will find. The Fantasy Kingpins is proud to also be a keeper league. Here you keep any 3 positions of your liking. And to insure the league keeps moving forward, a newly installed Fantasy Competition Committee is in place to take care of any problems teams may face in football, or the fantasy nascar league that most of the football league is a member of.

There is nothing basic about this league. Which seems to fit it's owners, which are an eclectic mix of hooligans. From the basic roster setup to the crowning of champions, there is a great deal of thought put into each and every piece of the league. Here you will learn of what it is to be part of such an in depth fantasy football league. (Pic from FK-Opoly)

In the world of fantasy football, most leagues are all the same. Sure, maybe a few changes here and there, but mostly all the same. This is certainly not so for this league. There are a couple of differences in roster setup and scoring, compared to other leagues, but none bigger than what we call our HB teams. In the NFL, teams over the last few years have been more and more using multiple HBs. Most teams have situational backs that come in at certain times. Some NFL teams use two regular HBs to split carries, some use third down backs, and some use goal line, or short yardage backs. And now, teams like the Patriots and Saints use all of them. So after a couple of seasons of seeing teams have to continue to hoard HBs on their rosters, it seemed to hurt the entertainment value of the league. Well the braintrust of the league were able to come up with HB teams. So instead of drafting individual HBs, fantasy owners would draft 2 HB teams. They would claim the right to every HB on the two teams they own. Each fantasy team would instead of starting 2 HBs, start 4 HBs. Either 2 from each team, or 3 and 1. It took away the hoarding of one position and still adds to the importance of maintaining rosters. With this being a 12 team league, that means 24 HB teams are taken. And 8 HB teams are in FA. During a HB teams bye week, the starting HB must be placed on the bench, and a new team picked up for that week. That should give you the opportunity to still have 3 HBs from one team, one HB on the bench, on his bye, and 2 spots for a starter and backup to fill in for the week. Things get trickier as it pertains to keepers. When it is time to name keepers, (once the next years preseason starts), you have the opportunity to keep either team you have. However, if you have a backup HB who is now a starter on a new team, you have first crack at keeping them too. So obviously that means you could lose your right to keep a team. If the new team is declined, it can go to the previous owner.

Another addition for the league has been the use of a best ball rule. It rewards teams that are able to get more talent on their rosters as a whole. Fantasy Football is mostly about luck, but one thing this league has been about, has been trying to put more skill into the game itself. The most important thing we have again is the halfback teams. And only having the 4 spots in the starting lineup and 2 bench spots for them means that teams still have to active in picking up these players. With injuries to guys and the rare TD that a FB or 3rd stringer will steal, means you need to stay on your toes.

The best ball itself is the act of taking a guy from the bench who had more points and replacing him in the lineup with a starter. The rule itself changed a little once again heading into the 2012 season. After 2011, where one of the greatest teams in history got screwed week in and week out in H2H games, I had decided it would be best to revert back to the 2010 rule of just using 2 best balls for any position. We were supposed to reward the teams that get talent, but then we had one of the greatest lose so many games by just a few points. Things would've been different if he had been able to use the two spots for the two best guys. So it changed back. This again is all about rewarding the teams that stay active and continue to add talent to their rosters.

So those are the two big differences when it comes to roster setup. The league uses a starting lineup of such, QB, 2 (HB team), 2 (HB team), WR, WR/TE, WR/TE, TE, K, DT, and a bench of QB, 2 open HB slots for either team, and 4 other slots to filled with 4 of 5 of either, WR, WR, TE, K or DT. This allows for a decent size roster, and still allows room for improvement with some guys still in free agency.

Even the draft is a little different. And it has helped to create some amazing league turnaround. Such as the bottom 2 head to head teams in 2010 becoming the only 2 teams with double digit wins in 2011. This turnaround is helped by a snake draft that doesn't start snaking till after the 2nd round. That means the team that picks 1st overall, also picks 1st in the 2nd round. Then it snakes to the last pick of the 3rd round and back to the 1st pick in the 4th.

So for those learning about the league in detail for the first time, you haven't seen anything yet. Yes the league is different, but there is much more to come. The league itself at it's heart is a pure head to head league. Like every other head to head league. There is the normal setup on the ESPN site where it is held, 14 game regular season, 3 divisions, 4 playoff teams. 2 rounds that end in week 16. That for most leagues is the end of it. There is also a ladder bracket for the teams that weren't in the playoffs that affected the final standings on the site. This bracket had not been counted as anything until 2011. With many other things going on, and teams having to set rosters for the 16 weeks, thanks to another scoring system that we will get into shortly, but thanks to all of this, before the 2011 season, it was decided that adding in the records of all the 16 weeks, including the 3rd place H2H playoff game, would be nice to have as it would be on par with all the NFL teams 16 game regular season records.

And one of the reasons that teams need to keep setting lineups is because of the leagues tag team division. Being a league full of guys who are or have been wrestling fans, the winner of the H2H Championship would come away with the plastic version of the WWE's World Heavyweight Championship belt (As well as the winner of the 3rd place game getting the WWE's IC Belt for the year). That led to thinking of being able to give a tag team belt. With 12 owners, that would make 6 teams. That means 5 opponents and the possibility of facing every team 3 times. That leaves 15 regular season games and a week 16 matchup between the best 2 teams for the honor of holding onto the Tag Team belts.

This turned out to be a great addition because it gave teams something to shoot for that were eliminated from H2H playoff consideration. And that's what has been the driving force behind this league. Fun. Having fun. Giving as many teams as possible a chance for some sort of glory. And that's the reasoning behind having team pages with each teams history and a trophy case for everything a franchise has won. And sticking with the wrestling theme, theres even a survivor series type of event that starts in week 1. It has the 4 owners in each division on a team in an elimination style match. Each week the bottom team, or teams if in a same division, is eliminated. The low team can be saved if the high scorer is in the same division. But it's all about having a little fun and adding another piece of personal glory on a page.

So that's it. The Fantasy Kingpin league. A league like no other that has seen many things, including a team that won it's division and after it's first round exit finished at 5-10. No, that's not a typo, the league has actually had a 5-9 division champion. The 2007 season for the league was like no other. One division saw it's 4 teams be the 4 highest scoring teams in the league and had one division have the worst 4 team records in the league. The season saw with 3 weeks to go, (Which are always set up to be 3 division games), every single team be within 1 game of their division lead. An amazing race to say the least. This and many other stories can be found on the leagues fun facts page.

But wait... That's not it. After years of only having the regular head to head standings, and never seeing the four best teams make the playoffs. It was thought of to make a change. And while it didn't seem right to take the H2H away, something had to be added. A new scoring system to honor the best week to week scoring teams. So the Roto scoring system was created in 2009. It uses a performance based system. The highest scoring team for a week would get 12 points. The lowest scoring that week would get 1 point. This way it takes away from the luck of a matchup and lets a team face the whole league each week. (If any teams are tied, you take the average of the two spots. Such as the top 2 teams tied, it would've been 12 and 11 points, so both get 11.5). Once this scoring went into effect, the previous seasons were retroactively done to crown all the previous deserving Roto champions.

So that's it right? Nope. Before the 2011 season began, a new complete scoring system was created that took into account all types of scoring and performance to crown the most complete league champion ever. (The Roto scoring, while used as part of the new formula, is also used to crown the leagues regular season champion to maintain it's prestige as a scoring system. And even more so, the playoff format for it that was used, top 4 teams make a playoff, with the top two in week 15 advancing to a title game, has been added back in as well. This gives a H2H, normal fantasy football champ, a Roto playoff champ to honor the best actual team performers, and then the BBCS title which is the most complete championship ever earned in fantasy football.) And this new scoring system you ask about....


And this is the Fantasy Kingpin league. Never before and never again will you find a league such as ours. 2011 was the first year of the BBCS, and it turned out to be the most entertaining season I've personally ever had. The league like no other gives teams a shot that no other league can boast about. And thats the same dream of every NFL franchise out there. With 14 regular season games, 2 potential H2H playoff games, 2 once again potential Roto playoff games, and a BBCS Bowl game, a fantasy team can go 19 - 0. The ultimate prize. A perfect 19 - 0 season. As I have said so many times, it's about having fun and bragging rights, what could possibly be better than to have a full perfect season. 

And If you've held on this long, you are in for one more surprise. So week 16 is over in the season and every title has been crowned. There's one thing left I almost forgot about, and I find it to be one of the most entertaining. The Pro Bowl. The FK league has a Pro Bowl in week 17. It takes a certain amount of players per position to form teams. The teams are broken up by division. So the 4 teams in the East, Central and West are all together. The rosters are filled by taking the highest ranking players from each of the teams in a FK division. Once the rosters are filled, any player listed as out, not counting HB teams, are replaced. The exibition itself uses a full best ball rule. And the winners get nothing but bragging rights. Which is alright with us. It's what fantasy sports is all about.

And for those fans of nascar, check out the fantasy Nascar league that many of the football league are members of. Once again, team trophy cases are what it's all about. Fantasy Nascar Home.